Funding Conservation Through Blockchain

We're committed to fostering global collaboration in conservation genomics and de-extinction, providing funding to universities, labs and organizations worldwide.

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Join us in pioneering the preservation of Earth’s biodiversity; our organization is dedicated to funding:


Empowering academic pursuits, our initiative channels vital funding into the heart of university innovation and research.


Driving progress in bioscience, we aim to catalyze advancements in research labs with essential funding and support.


Championing ecological stewardship, our funding aids conservation organizations in preserving the planet’s precious biodiversity.

Through strategic investment and collaboration, we strive to advance scientific research and innovation, fostering a sustainable future where endangered species thrive and ecosystems flourish.
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/askmam tell me about this project?
MammothAI is a groundbreaking Web3 De-Sci project dedicated to revolutionizing conservation genomics and de-extinction. Our mission is to pioneer the preservation of Earth's biodiversity by funding research and initiatives in universities, labs, and organizations across the globe. 🌍✨

Our vision is a world where species once on the brink of extinction thrive in their natural habitats, thanks to global collaboration and the power of genetic conservation. We're all about respect for nature, innovation, collaboration, sustainability, and education and awareness. 🐘🌱

De-extinction, one of our key focus areas, involves bringing back extinct species through advanced biotechnology, including steps like genome recovery, genetic reconstruction, genetic engineering, and embryo development. It's science fiction turned science fact! 🧬🔬
/askmam how can you help me
Absolutely, I'm here to help! 🌟 Whether you're looking for info on MammothAI, need guidance on swapping tokens, or have questions about the project's mission and vision, just let me know. How can I assist you today?
The heart of MammothAI lies in its token, $MAMAI, which is designed to support gene editing efforts aimed at de-extincting species, starting with the mammoth. It's a unique opportunity for the crypto community to contribute to conservation efforts and the revival of extinct species.
Revolutionizing conservation funding, MammothAI token leverages blockchain efficiency to sustainably support environmental and scientific endeavors.
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Through blockchain transactions, the Mammoth AI token propels our mission by channeling funds into universities, conservation efforts, and bioscience research.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the crypto token contribute to conservation efforts?

There is a buy fee on token transactions which will be used to fund selected efforts in conservation or de-extinction.

What specific projects or initiatives will the funds raised through the token support?

Any projects or initiatives falling under the scope of:

1. De-Extinction Research
2. Conservation Genomics
3. Habitat Restoration
4. Relevant Educational Initiatives
5. Innovation in Conservation Technologies

What partnerships or collaborations does the project have with universities, labs, or conservation organizations?

MammothAI is currently in its infancy, actively forging partnerships and collaborations with leading global experts in scientific research. Details of all forthcoming partnerships will be promptly updated in the relevant sections of our website.

What measures are in place to ensure transparency and accountability in fund allocation and project implementation?

The funding wallet is can be located on Basescan at this address; 0x57223AE3a704ED93629d08E54F967f550a1a8CB8

This blockchain address will transparently show all inflows from transaction fees and outflows for each donation. Additionally, each donation or funding will come with a public announcement form an official social account of MammothAI accompanied with a receipt and/or proposal of the respective donation.

What long-term strategies does the project have for scaling impact and achieving lasting conservation outcomes?

Currently, our resources are limited, prompting us to concentrate on making initial donations in the range of $1,000 to $5,000 to broader organizations. We aim to provide flexible, non-specific funding to support various conservation initiatives. As our project expands and donation sizes increase, we plan to target specific projects at universities that specialize in the preservation of particular species.